Our Offerings

Through our products and services, we help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness while keeping your objectives at the core. We provide action oriented insights, intelligence and process automation, that help our clients achieve top-line growth and manage their costs.

Predictive Modeling and Statistical Analysis

We use battle-tested statistical techniques to continuously supply you with insights and intelligence. Movie Wizard is one such example that helps media agencies make informed planning decisions. It predicts movie TVRs with an accuracy level of more than 90%, making sure they always take the best possible planning decision.

Dynamic Visualization and Data-driven Storytelling

Accurate and accessible information at the right place and time is one of the key data challenges with many organizations. With a blend of domain knowledge and BI expertise, we not only understand your problems but also help you overcome them by building customized dashboards that have a direct positive impact on your bottom-line.

Consumer Insights through Sentiment Analysis

IntelliSENT is a new kind of audience research tool, using comparative language analysis to help marketers discover real insights and turn them into communication. It not only helps you understand the reception of your brand but also helps you directly interact with your potential consumers.

Rapid Product Development and Prototyping

We understand the scenario of many small problems. We tackle this using Rapid Product Development, wherein we work closely and iteratively with various departments to understand their problems and design department-specific solutions. One such solution is Channel Performance Dashboard, that reduced around 600 Man Hrs per month by MIS team.